Our goal with both Northside Kids Jr. and Northside Kids is to create a Worship experience that will allow them to learn who Jesus is through the stories of the Bible, while having fun.


Our children's services are a fun and educational way to engage your children in all matters of the Bible. We provide a LIFE Group hour and Worship hour to best fit the needs of your family. All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend. Our volunteers are all background checked to provide a safe and wholesome atmosphere. Our check-in system allows you to feel safe while your little one is being taught and cared for during adult services. 


Here at Northside West, we believe that small groups are the strongest on-campus tool we have to teach the Bible on an intimate level. LIFE Groups allow children to build close relationships with others their age, while creating an environment that is safe to ask questions and grow. They will create bible-focused crafts while learning lessons from the Bible.


During the Worship hour, Northside Kids Jr. and GROW classes play games, engage in praise songs, complete a craft and rotate into our Indoor Playground for some fun play time. In Kids Worship, 1st graders through 5th graders will learn one Bible story a week, one Bible verse a month, engage in high-energy worship music, and build relationships with other kids their age.

How to continue the conversation at home...

While we endeavor to provide your child with a comprehensive understanding of the Bible and God's love, we understand that most of their time is spent with their loved ones. Therefore, we want to provide valuable resources for you to continue your child's spiritual journey at home. During church, they will learn a monthly memory verse and weekly story to help them grasp the concepts in a way that they will understand on their level. Useful materials and games are provided in our monthly and weekly parent cues for you to continue the discussion at home.  

AWANA Wednesdays

AWANA is a high-energy Bible memorization club for children ages 2 years through 5th grade. We meet weekly from 6:30pm until 8pm.

At AWANA Clubs your child will be challenged to memorize verses in the Bible to earn awards while learning new games specific to AWANA Clubs in an atmosphere that creates lasting relationships with peers their age.

AWANA NEWS - We are saddened to impart that due to these uncertain times, we have decided to take the 2020-2021 school year off from AWANA Clubs and hope to resume our club in the fall of 2021. 



LIFE Groups - 9:30am

Worship - 11:00am


AWANA Clubs - 6:30pm - 8:00pm

COVID-19 UPDATE- As of now, we are only conducting Preschool and Kids Services at 11:00AM Sunday mornings.